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Wade will be at Gnomedex 2009

Once again I will attend Seattle’s premier conference of smart techno-geeks with big, crazy, awesome ideas. August 20th – 22nd.

I\'m Going


Wade will be at PAX 2009

pax_2009_logo_300I’ll be attending the fantastically amazing Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle from September 4th – 6th. Huzzah! I look forward to this event all year.

Wade is not going anywhere for a bit

New glasses and Starbucks

For the next few weeks, possibly months, the only get-togethers I’ll be attending are those on the 522 and 312 buses between Woodinville and downtown Seattle for my weekday commute. Work’s like that, lately.

Wade will be at Gnomedex 2008

This is so true it’s incredible: I will be attending the Gnomedex unconference in Seattle, WA from August 21-23.

Wade will be at Blog World Expo 2007

My company is sending me to Blog World Expo in Las Vegas on November 8-9. I’m not on a panel or anything; just running around and talking to people and generally nerding it up. If you catch sight of me, please say hello!